Autonomous Special Regions

Legal Advisory on Special Services Agreement No. UNDP-200/2008
After devastating effects of the 2004 Tsunami, the UN engaged Osana’s International Legal Specialist, Dr. Sullivan, to facilitate BRR’s successful work helping to build Aceh Back Better.  He was responsible for a wide variety of tasks, including recommending strategy for

  • The re-scoping and termination of contracts to comply with BRR’s closure
  • The substance of  the Presidential Regulation for the closure
  • Asset evaluation and asset management and conveyance
  • Default terminations
  • Transfer of quassi-assets
  • Managed a legal audit of  BRR regulations adopted since its opening in 2005. 
Earthquake and Tsunami Emergency Support Project (ETESP) Package 33: Strengthening BRR’s Project Management Office (2007 – 2010) ADB 
 The Grant Agreement stipulates the Badan Rehabilitasi dan Rekonstruksi (BRR) as the Executing Agency to establish a dedicated, centralized Project Management Office (PMO) which was responsible to manage and coordinate the rebuilding of 12 sectors at 23 districts in Aceh Province and Nias Island.   

Indonesia Infrastructure Initiative (IndII) Infrastructure and Capacity Building for Papua and West Papua, Stage 1 and 2, AusAID
Osana assisted BAPPEDA of Papua and West Papua through capacity building aimed to the achievement of Indonesia’s goal of speeding up development of those provinces, specifically through:

  • Detailed consultations with provincial and national level agencies in Jakarta, Jayapura, and Manokwawi to fully identify needs and describe the range of support to be provided
  • Review applicable regulations and policies of both National and Provincial levels of government
  • Consult with AusAID and AusAID-supported projects operating in the two provinces, and with other donor supported program
  • Finalize Activity Design Document and work plan for consideration and subsequent approval by IndII, Aus AID, and relevant GoI agencies
  • Develop the capacity of BAPPEDAs to act as the right hand mad of the governor in planning and programming, preparation of the next Medium Term Development Plan in 2011
  • Improve the standing of BAPPEDAs in relation to establishing and reporting provincial accountability, and in relation to organization, establishment, staffing and operational budget
  • Support the implementation of the law on special autonomy
  • Provide job trainings to BAPPEDAs personnel
  • Develop benchmarking and indicators of improvement in BAPPEADs performance.