Local Governance, Decentralization and Good Governance

Local Governance, Decentralization & Good Governance Projects Completed in Indonesia

Promotion of Good Governance and Indonesia’s Anti-Corruption Efforts (1999) ADB
Osana’s Public Administration Expert prepared a report analyzing a series of laws enacted and regulations adopted by the Government of Indonesia (GoI), including:

  • Local Government Administration Law No. 22/1999
  • Central-Local Fiscal Balance Law No. 25/1999
  • Presidential Decrees No. 7/1998 and 6/1999, the regulatory framework for government procurements
  • Clean Governments Law No. 28/19999, four implementing Government Regulations and a Presidential Decree
  • Antimonopoly Law No. 5/1999
  • Consumer Protection Law No. 5/1999
  • Others. 
Decentralization Study on the Implementations of Good Governance in Project Implementation (2000) ADB
 Under this project, Osana’s Legal Specialist prepared a report concerning the implications of good governance on projects being implemented by Indonesia’s 384 districts (kabupaten) and 54 cities (kota) under Law No. 22/1999 and 25/1999 and Presidential Decrees No. 17/2000 and 18/2000. 

Strengthening the Capacity of the Ministry of Settlements and Regional Infrastructure to Combat Fraud and Corruption (2002 – 2003) ADB TA 3842-INO
The project was designed to improve the capabilities of the Ministry of Settlements and Regional Infrastructure, Inspectorate General (MSRI-IG) to combat fraud and corruption in the areas of operational auditing and forensic auditing through analysis of the Government of Indonesia (GoI) policies and procedures, development of an operational audit manual, improvement of information technology (IT) facilities, creation of public awareness, and training to audit more effectively. Osana’s Teram optimized the MSRI-IG counterparts as well as other IG staff to play their roles by:

  • Procurement ICT facilities and prepared e-procurement model including e-procurement bulletin board for MSRI + training
  • Reviewed and redrafted MSRI  regulations and flagged government regulations affecting MSRI operations due to conflicts for future consideration by the Government in a wider context
  • Designed, proposed and supported the implementation of new policies and procedures which enabled MSRI-IG to undertake efficient investigations and initiation of prosecution, and effectively deal with allegations of fraud and corruption
  • Assessed the training needs of MSRI-IG staff and other concerned staff of MSRI, and also designed and implemented relevant training program.