Financial Management Reform

Related Financial Management Reform Projects Completed in Indonesia

  • New Medan International Airport in Kuala Namu (limited recourse financing in the aviation sector)
  • Six Sub-National Governments in Bogor, Tangerang, Bekasi (Botabek Project) to improve the delivery of public services, including health services) with private sector participation, primarily PPP
  • Five provinces in South Bali to improve the delivery of drinking water through PPP issued jointly by the affected provinces (South Bali Project)
  • Gresik Solid Waste Disposal, an innovative technical assistance project which by engaged the private sector, through PPP, to better deliver municipal services to this populous area of East Java
  • South Java Rail Project, financed by JICA,addressed the issue of utilizing PPP under the revised PerPres 67/2005, and opened-up the rail sector to limited private sector participation. Although Osana’s analytical development of replicable tender and contractual documents were not fully agreed upon during the Project’s term, Osana is pleased that the Ministry of Transport assisted to develop an airport in Kediri, East Java with a modified PPP
  • Kalimantan PDAM Improvement Project: Osana International was contracted by Crisil Limited to, over a three-month term, draft an insightful legal study of how best to improve the provision of clean water to this resource-rich area
  • Jakarta MRT Project, financed by JICA, addressed DKI Jakarta’s regional-owned enterprise (BUMD) and the design, development and implementation of a modern transport system in the nation’s capital. Osana provided the analytical framework for the Ministry of Transporation, DKI Jakarta, and the Ministry of Finance to consider and decide PPP, public procurement and other sensitive matters that were discussed during a series of workshops and one seminar organized by the Ministry of Transportation.