Harold (Hal) Sullivan

Osana International Founder/
PPP, Legal, Institutional & Procurement Advisor

Dr. Harold (Hal) Sullivan is a Public-Private Partnerships legal, institutional, and procurement advisor, who has, since 1988, assisted the governments of developing countries to consider economic/law development policy matters, including State-Owned Enterprise restructuring, privatization, and alternative means to facilitate and sustain private sector investment in the provision of infrastructure and related facilities, primarily through the design, development, and implementation of PPP. 

Harold is an American Lawyer, licensed in the State of Maryland, the Federal District Courts and the US Court of Claims, who has more than 24 years of experience drafting PPP enabling frameworks, managing the PPP tendering process, and resolving issues pertaining to a wide variety of sensitive infrastructure development issues, including bid protests, risk allocation, policy and institutional assessments. 

Countries of work experience: USA, Indonesia, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Uzbekistan, Kosovo, Sri Lanka, the Maldives, etc.