Accelerating Private and Public Investment in Infrastructure (APPIIC) in Nepal Component 1

Location: Kathmandu, Nepal

Date: January - August 2018

Client: IMC Worldwide

Description: APPIIC Programme funded by UK Government’s Department for International Development and managed by IMC Worldwide aims to provide technical assistance on investment promotion and delivery of public infrastructure to various Government of Nepal agencies and ministries. Osana played a key role in providing advice to the Investment Bank of Nepal (IBN) on the design and implementation of suitable pre-feasibility and feasibility studies to confirm the bankability of suitable for private investment, provide specific technical assistance on the selection of appropriate PPP model for implementation, identified role of Government of Nepal in infrastructure PPPs, prepared line ministries and agencies for incorporation of privately-funded infrastructure in existing infrastructure networks.


ADB PPTA 9262-UZB Second Solar Power Project

Location: Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Date: March - May 2017

Client: Asian Development Bank

Description: The solar PV power plant comprised of 100 MW to be located in Sherabad, Uzbekistan. Osana with its consortium, OST Energy, took the lead role to prepare a Policy Report describing the legal, regulatory and institutional frameworks to facilitate and sustain private sector investment in the solar power sector and made recommendations to the existing frameworks to accomplish PPTA objectives. Moreover, the Team analyzed the most viable structure and prepared tendering process in a fair and transparent manner, in accordance with Uzbeki Law and international best practices. In addition, we also conducted workshops and seminars to familiarize Uzbeki officials with PPP in the power sector and developed a Road Map/Action Plan to timely accomplish project objectives.

MCC Kosovo Renewable Energy IPP and Commercial Finance Facilitation Assessment

Location: Kosovo

Date: September - November 2017

Client: Millennium Challenge Corporation

Description: The project consisted of three main activities, namely stakeholder engagement and market assessment, supply and demand side due-diligence, and feasibility assessment for facility structuring assessment. Under this project, Osana’s PPP Legal Advisor played key roles in reviewing and evaluating the Kosovar policy, legal, regulatory, and institutional frameworks pertaining to PSP/PPP, particularly the identification of policy gaps in renewable energy law, shortcomings of the solar road map implementation, and recommended measures to enhance readiness and enable PPP in solar projects.  The works also included proposed approaches, procurement methods, transaction models, PPP arrangements for both large scale solar and rooftop PV systems, and an action plan for scaling-up of the solar rooftop component to achieve sustainable PPP.

Air Transport Project Preparatory Consultant Grant No:0227-NEP (SF)

20+ Years Helping in Public Management Reform

Location: Kathmandu, Nepal

Date: November 2015 - May 2017

Client: Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN)

Description: The objective of the project was to enhance transport connectivity through improved efficiency in air transport project. The project comprised detail design of the air transport and capacity development support for the preparation and implementation of PPP projects in Tribhuvan International Airport which was funded by the ADB and other donor agencies. Specifically, Osana conducted review and assessment on Government/CAAN laws/acts/policies/plans/regulations/best national/international practices, financial and investor issues, and others. Moreover, the Team proposed the feasible PPP modes, management, contractual and financial arrangements, and risks assessment. In addition, Osana also managed some workshops, seminars, trainings, and field visits to successful PPP projects.

ADB TA-8908 REG: Infrastructure Public-Private Partnership Pipeline Development Support

Location: Manila, Philippines and Dhaka, Bangladesh

Date: February - December 2016

Client: Asian Development Bank

Description: Osana’s Team led in implementing the development of infrastructure PPP projects in line with Bangladesh PPP Law 2015. The Bangladesh PPP Program including, but not limited to, the operationalization of policies, formulation of strategies and delivery of the commercial transactions to achieve the long term and sustainable infrastructure development goals of the PPP Authority. The Team ensured proper risk allocation and risk assessment in PPP Projects. In addition, also provided support for PPP Authority in its interactions with line agencies in seeking approval from CCEA and other decision making bodies to implement desired projects as PPP.

Draft PPP Step-by-Step Procurement Procedures as a Regulation for Infrastructure Development Projects

Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Date: August 2015 - February 2016

Client: United Nations - Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP)

Description: The project focused for drafting regulations IRRPPP for the current PPP policy framework in Cambodia to develop suitable procurement rules for PPP projects. Osana’s PPP Legal and Regulatory Advisor assisted the Ministry of Economy and Finance to prepare an issue paper for development of PPP Procurement rules in Cambodia and present same during a high-level workshop held in Phnom Penh on 17 December 2014. Work now is focusing on the drafting of a comprehensive PPP Procurement Manual similar to the Public Procurement Manual that the Advisor ever drafted during October 2009 – June 2011

Dhaka - Chittagong Expressway PPP

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Date: December 2014 - May 2015

Client: SMEC Pty Ltd

Description: Osana’s PPP Legal Advisor worked with senior Government officials to establish PPP structuring and provided a series of 12 PPP reports to facilitate capacity building and institutional strengthening of the Bangladesh Roads and Highways Department (RHD), the client with the largest number of PPP projects in Bangladeshi’s Office of PPP.

CDTA 8221-BAN Institutional Strengthening of Road and Highways Department

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Date: February - November 2014

Client: Roads and Highways Department (RHD)

Description: The objective of the project was to support the Government of Bangladesh in developing a road map for road sector institutional changes and in implementing key areas for improving the sector management performance, including PPP. Osana assisted senior RHD officials to evaluate, revise, and improve the legal  and procurement procedures to improve road and highway sector performance, particularly ensure efficient decision  making with regards to helping build expertise in outsourcing technical work, understanding PPP, performance based contracting and other new forms of contracts.

ADB TA 6337 REG Maldives Transport Master Plan

Location: Maldives, Maldives

Date: Oct - Dec 2012, Feb - April 2013

Client: Asian Development Bank

Description: The objective of the consulting services was to support the Government of the Maldives in improving the maritime support transport sector performance through policy dialogue and infrastructure recommendations. The focus of the technical assistance was to prepare a maritime transport regulatory framework and a 20-maritime transport master plan in the Maldives context. The technical assistance assessed maritime transport service needs, identified sector priorities and directions, identified infrastructure investment needs and priorities, assessed scope of private sector participation, assessed resource requirements and prepared a resource mobilization strategy, and prepared an action plan for further institutional and policy reforms to improve management, transport efficiency and governance.

ADB Loan/Grant 2656/0212 NEP (SF) Consulting Services for Project Management and Capacity Building of Kathmandu Sustainable Urban Transport Project (KSUTP)

Location: Kathmandu, Nepal

Date: September 2012 - June 2015 (intermittent)

Client: Asian Development Bank

Description: The objective of the project was to improve public transport condition and the walking environment in Kathmandu Valley area through a modal shift from private vehicles to public transport (PT) and enhance the traffic conditions in Kathmandu Valley. Osana assisted KMC in consulting with the private sector and all relevant stakeholders in identifying appropriate PPP modalities for the development and  operations of the old bus park, the additional bus, pedestrian and off street parking facility near Tundikhel, and other proposed car parks. Osana also assisted KMC in preparing RFP  and draft contract documents for PPP contracts, provided all transaction advisory and legal assistance to KMC during all stages of transaction of the above mentioned contracts, provided necessary financial advices to KMC, DOTM, MTPB and MOF as required, working out appropriate financial implications and models, tariffs and charges, and introduction of all proposed measures.

ADB TA-7796 (PHI) Strengthening Public-Private Partnerships in the Philippines

Location: Manila, Philippines

Date: November 2011 - July 2013

Client: Asian Development Bank

Description: The primary objecting of the consultancy services was to develop a well-structured bankable PPP projects which shall be the basis for tendering the project for PPP using the Philippine BOT Law and its Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRRs) as legal framework. This is the first cold chain project to be implemented in the Philippines under the BOT Law and its IRRs. It was intended to be a pilot project for establishment of cold chain systems. Osana helped the improvement of legal and regulatory framework for PPP, analyzed PPP cross sectoral, sectoral and local government legal and regulatory framework, provided legal and regulatory inputs to position papers pertaining to further the PPP agenda as well as facilitated capacity-building of PPP Center, NEDA and line agency officials.

ADB-Financed Uzbekistan Legal Assessment of State-Owned Enterprises ADB TA A74401

Location: Uzbekistan

Date: November 2011 - May 2012

Client: Asian Development Bank

Description: The project aimed to do legal assessment of State-Owned Enterprises. Osana’s International Legal Advisor conducted assessment on the eligibility of select Uzbek State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) in the form of separate business or companies in the road sector, identified recommendations to the Government of Uzbekistan on required legal, financial, and structural changes for SOEs, and assessed the potential for PPP in the delivery of public services for Uzbekistan. 

ADB TA 0133-CAM Public Financial Management for Rural Development Program

Location: Cambodia

Date: November 2009 - June 2011

Client: Asian Development Bank

Description: The project aimed to strengthen the capacity on procurement functions of the three  rural development ministries, namely the Ministry of Rural Development (MRD), the Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF), and the Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology (MOWRAM) by utilizing a series of knowledge transfer techniques including on-job trainings, meetings, workshops/seminars with Ministries individually and joint MRD/MAFF/MOWRAM events. The prepared contract packages, procurement plans for consulting services, goods and sevices works should be in accordance with ADB’s Guidelines on Procurement, developed Bis’s Evaluation Review Checklist used in the rapid review of Bids Evaluation Results (BERs) submitted, reviewed RFPs and BDs ensuring that procurement of consultants and civil works contracts are conducted in accordance with agreed upon ADB procurement guidelines and assisted EAs to obtain ADB no objection letters. Osana also led role to help the Kingdom of Cambodia to thoroughly update its procurement regulations, which resulted in the adoption of a new Public Procurement System in 2014.

ADB TA 7144-VIE Da Nang Water Supply Project

Location: Da Nang, Republic of Vietman

Date: October 2009 - April 2010

Client: Asian Development Bank

Description: This technical assistance examined the constraints that most crucially impact on the sustainability of water operations in the city of Da Nang and its peri-urban areas, and made recommendations on the best way to address these, and so achieve sustainable provision of safe water, including a combination of  investment in additional production capacity, distribution network rehabilitation and expansion, reduction of UFW, and a capacity building as well as institutional strengthening program as part of a subsequent investment project. 

Infrastructure Reform Sector Development Program (IRSDP) - Technical Advisory Services (TAS)

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

Date: October 2008 - March 2011

Client: Asian Development Bank - Indonesia Resident Mission (IRM)

Description: The objective of the IRSDP was to assist the line ministries and local governments to prepare PPP project in infrastructure development. The consultant services provided overall technical advisory services support to the Project Management Unit to function effectively in developing National Project Development Facility (NPDF) and Regional Project Development Facility (RPDF), in particular to support the technical aspect of project implementation such as assisting ministries, government agencies and regional governments in PPP project preparation, guiding consultants engagement under Part A of the project. The second objective of consulting services was to plan and build capacity for all stakeholders in the PPP process. 

Legal Advisory on Special Services Agreement No. UNDP-200/2008

Location: Banda Aceh, Indonesia

Date: September 2008 - March 2009

Client: UNDP Indonesia

Description: The assignment aimed to help BRR (Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Agency) Aceh Nias, after the end of its mandate in April 2009, to establish and transfer its legal responsibilities to a newly-established Tim Penuntasan or Winding-Up Team within the Directorate General of Treasury, Ministry of Finance of Government of Indonesia. Osana’s Senior Legal Advisor was responsible for a wide variety of tasks, including recommending a strategy for the re-scoping and termination of contracts to comply with BRR’s closure, the substance of Presidential Regulation for the closure, asset evaluation and management and conveyance, default terminations, transfer of quasi-assets, and managing a legal audit of BRR regulations adopted since its opening in 2005. 

Legal Advisory on the Contract Management Case concerning Engineering, Design and Construction Services in Support of the Rehabilitation and Reconstruction of Banda Aceh - Meulaboh Road (BAM) Project

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

Date: July - October 2008

Client: PT. Wijaya Karya (Persero) TBK

Description: WIKA and USAID entered into Contract No. 497-C-00-05-0004-00 (“the Contract”) for the Aceh Road/Bridge Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Project on August 2005. The contract subsequently amended for additional works. WIKA submitted 5 claims to USAID for seeking additional payment for claimed additional works under firm-fixed price (FFP) construction work. However, USAID issued a partial termination of convenience and then, USAID Contracting Officer issued final decisions denying of all WIKA’s claims. WIKA requested the use of ADR as an attempt to resolve 4 of its 5 claims against the Government. Osana mobilized a PPP Legal Specialist to assist the Client relative to non-binding pre-appeal mediation of four Client Claims denied by USAID and provided advice for the Client in the preparation of a settlement proposal to USAID for a partial Termination for Convenience under the same contract. Osana assisted the publicly-listed-state-owned-enterprise to evaluate , prepare, and file four complex construction claims in the United States courts. As agreed between the parties, the four claims were successfully mediated and suits dismissed. 

Earthquake and Tsunami Emergency Support Project (ETESP) - Package 33 Strengthening BRR's Project Management Office

Location: Aceh Province and Nias Island, Indonesia

Date: May 2007 - December 2010

Client: Asian Development Bank

Description: Schedule 5 of ETESP Grant Agreement stipulated the BRR Aceh Nias as the Executing Agency for the Grant to establish a dedicated, centralized Project Management Office (PMO). BRR accomplished this provision in late 2005 and the PMO was subsequently restructured in the fourth quarter 2006. A director level staff was appointed as the Head of the PMO. To support its operation, Osana was appointed to establish a Secretariat under this technical assistance. The contract was a multi-year ADB-financed initiative (approximately US $3.2 million) helping 23 districts of Banda Aceh to “Build-Back-Better” by rebuilding from the devastating effects of the 2004 tsunami, including an inventory of assets affected by the earthquake and subsequent tsunami.

State Audit Reform Sector Development Program (STARSDP) ADB TA 4473-INO

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

Date: January 2006 - December 2007

Client: ADB Indonesia Resident Mission

Description: The objectives of the Program Loan Monitoring Unit (PLMU) financed through this technical assistance was to support the implementation of the State Audit Reform (STAP) Program, especially to improve the policy and legal framework for state audit institutions, strengthened external and internal audit functions, by among other means, recommending resources to audit institutions, in line with their legal mandate, developed the requisite policy measures to enhance accountability and oversight of the audit function at all levels of government, and implemented strategies to increase public awareness of the benefits of a well-functioning state audit system and what it can deliver. Moreover, the primary objective of this assignment was to provide assistance to the Ministry of Finance Program Loan Monitoring Unit in conducting data assessment, analysis, and synthesis of the Sector Study for 2006 results. 

Facilitating PPP Initiative in Pakistan's National Highway Development, ADB RSC-C51660 PAK

Location: Islamabad Pakistan and Manila Philippines

Date: September - October 2005

Client: Asian Development Bank

Description: The Consultant Team assisted the Mission Task Manager in preparing a document entitled ” Transport Sector Development: A Medium-Term Strategy for Pakistan”. The assistance included the following areas: compilation, review, and analysis of previously-published ADB Medium-Term Strategy documents, including Transport Sector Development: A Medium-Term Strategy for the Lao People’s of Democratic Republic (August 2001), Transport Sector Development: A Medium-Term Strategy for Nepal (July 2002), and Transport Sector Development: A Medium-Term Strategy and Road Map for the Republic of Indonesia (December 2004). 

Support to State Audit Reform (STAR) Project ADB TA 4107-INO

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

Date: October 2013 - June 2004,

Client: Asian Development Bank

Description: The purpose of the PPTA was to assist the Government in formulating and designing a project to support state audit reform. The technical assistance was aimed to build strong and effective audit institutions in the public sector by developing a road map that reflects a shared understanding among stakeholders of a comprehensive and long term perspective for audit institutions, formulating institutional development plans for internal and external audit institutions, and identifying areas for external financing. The technical assistance specified key policy actions needed to affect legal and institutional change. The TA also incorporated internationally recognized auditing standards and good practices in Indonesia’s public sector audit systems and procedures taking into account the Indonesian experience. Underpinning the road map were four basic considerations, the need to make a clear distinction between internal and external audit functions, respect the decentralized environment in Indonesia,  avoid duplication and overlap of mandates, and achieve cost efficiency. Moreover, Osana played a key role in the successful completion of the project, over and above that originally contracted. 

Facilitating PPP Initiative in Pakistan's National Highway Development ADB TA-4508 (PAK)

Location: Islamabad, Pakistan

Date: May-August 2005

Client: Asian Development Bank

Description: The purpose of the small-scale technical assistance (SSTA) was to help design appropriate mechanisms for accelerating National Highways and motorway development through increased private sector financing in Pakistan, thereby promoting economic growth and reducing poverty. The scope of work carried out included the tasks to identify, review, and analyze the existing policy, regulatory, and institutional frameworks for private sector involvement in financing, constructing, operating, and maintaining National Highways network, including motorways, and all existing and draft laws, regulations, decrees, policies, plans, and institutional frameworks and arrangements related to National Highway network. 

Bali PPP Study for Solid Waste Management Phase 2B (WB Loan No. 3319-INO)

Location: Denpasar, Bali

Date: October - December 2001

Client: The World Bank

Description: The long term objective of these services was to assist the Province of Bali and the Local Government of South Bali to manage solid wast to the best of international standards in line with the reputation of Bali as a top class international tourist destination. Particularly, Osana’s Legal Specialist worked on preparation of bid document for operation of the regional TPA by identifying the documents needed, pre-qualification evaluation methodology, bid documents, format for bids and performance guarantees. 

Facilitating Limited Resource Financing in Indonesia's Civil Aviation Sector: The New Medan International Airport Project ADB TA 2929 INO

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

Date: January 1999 - September 2000

Client: Asian Development Bank

Description: The technical objective was to help the Government of Indonesia facilitate limited resource financing by the private sector in the civil aviation. The TA scope of work consisted of preparing a pilot PPP for develop the New Medan Airport, preparing guidelines for the private sector financing in the civil aviation sector, and carrying out training on financing modalities in the civil aviation sector. The TA was very ambitious as it covered not only preparation of full project feasibility study and private investor selection documents, but also aimed at assisting the Government in bidding and evaluation proposals to be submitted by private investors.