Public Procurement Reform


Public Procurement Reform Projects Completed in Indonesia

Economic Law and Improved Procurement System (ELIPS) Project (1992- 1996)
The USAID-financed “Economic Law and Improved Procurement Systems” (ELIPS) Project was based in the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs (EKUIN) in Jakarta, with consensus-building activities conducted in key local governments, including Medan Magalang, Makassar, Sulawesi Nusa Tenggara, and other sub-national levels of government (provinsikabupaten/kota) throughout Indonesia. The project consisted of four components:

  • Economic Law Development
  • Legal Training
  • Legal Information System and
  • Procurement Management Development (PMD). 

The ELIPS Project outputs were the adoption of a new Government Procurement Regulation (Keppres 16/1994), a comprehensive implementing Government Procurement Manual (Juknis), and  the adoption of stand curricula for government-wide procurement training. 

Osana’s founder also organized a series of comparative study activities in the United States for EKUIN’s Executive Secretary, Indonesia’s Ambassador to Canada, and the Ministry of Finance Deputy Director and short term overseas capacity building activities for twenty-three-mid-career officials comprising the “Procurement Review and Policy Analysis Group” (PRPAG) jointly supported by USAID and the World Bank.