Roger Guinery

Public Sector Reform and PPP Advisor

Guinery holds a Masters Degree in Economics (Cambridge, UK) and Business Administration  (University of Western Australia) and has recently achieved certification as a PPP Professional. He has been working in public sector reform and infrastructure (PPP) for 30 years. Research interests include municipal infrastructure for solid waste management in developing economies. Key experience have included accelerating $2 Billion+ PPP roads and bridges projects in Nigeria, PPP adiviser to the Prime Minister of Kenya, management of Solomon Islands infrastructure program, development of Timor-Leste’s multi-sectoral national infrastructure plan, and development of White Papers, policies and guidelines in Nigeria, Kenya and Australia for PPPs, tolling, procurement, and contracting.

Countries of work experience: Indonesia, Timor Leste, Malaysia,  Vietnam, Nepal, Kenya, Nigeria, Solomon Islands, Australia, etc.