State Audit Reform

Related State Audit Reform Projects Completed in Indonesia

Support to State Audit Reform (STAR) Project ADB TA-4107 INO
The Technical Assistance was aimed to build strong and effective audit institutions in the public sector by: 

  • Developing a road map that reflects a shared understanding among stakeholders of a comprehensive and long term perspective for audit institutions
  • Formulating institutional development plans for internal and external audit institutions
  • Identifying areas for external financing.
The TA specified key policy actions needed to affect legal and institutional change and Osana played a key role in the successful completion of the project, over and above that originally contracted, particularly incorporated internationally recognized auditing standards and good practices in Indonesia’s public sector audit system and procedures. 

State Audit Reform Sector Development Program (STARSDP) ADB TA 4473-INO
The program aims to support the implementation of  the State Audit Reform (STAR) Program.  Osana’s team assisted the Ministry of Finance to ensure the implementation of the loan program was executed as planned in conducting data assessment, analysis and synthesis of the Sector Study for 2006 results.